Current Spring Conditions at MVYC

Conditions at Mountain View in the early spring can be difficult.  Please keep this in mind when making plans to come up and start “prepping’ your boats.

Conditions continue to be messy and wet.  The access gate to A/B wall roadway stays open at this point.  All vendors have accessibility to boats and we work at keeping the roadway acceptable for equipment to operate and launch boats.  With the weather, many people are behind schedule getting boats ready.  Please be understanding when it comes time to launch.

Management would like to remind everyone of the ACTUAL BOATING SEASON dates specified in the Rules & Regs. Rule #23.

Each Member’s/renter’s right to use an assigned slip is limited to the “Season”. Subject to extraordinary weather, the Season shall
commence on or about the weekday immediately preceding the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and terminate on or about the
weekday immediately following the Columbus Day holiday weekend. The balance of the year shall constitute “Off-Season”.
Inasmuch as the launching and removal of boats and vessels will require an extended period of time, some Members/renters will
have the benefit of but not the right to an extended Season, determined as follows. The boats and vessels stored or to be stored
on the Club property shall be launched and removed to storage in whatever order the Club Management shall determine in its
discretion. Any boats or vessels not stored or to be stored on the Club property shall be delivered by the member/renter for launching
and or transported by the member/renter upon removal from the water, as the case may be, on the date and at the location fixed by
the Club Management in its discretion.

We will make every effort to get your boat in as close to your requested date as possible.  However, we are at the mercy of weather and this year, we won’t have the luxury of launching boats as early as we sometimes do to enjoy an extended season.  We anticipate roughly a 2 week delay in getting access to boats due to the mud.  Please keep this in mind and we appreciate your cooperation in this instance.